Karmi Got His Lappy

… and what a yummy Dell XP13 it is.

Of course he choose a faster processor, faster RAM and biggerer SSD than humble little Orcsi has. So congratulations are in order I presume. But why o why did he decide to put Windows on this poor machine? So a huge part of his article is about avoiding recognition by Microsoft’s sniffer functions. Doesn’t he know that particularly Dell’s XPS machines are a fave of many Linux devs, first of them being Linus Torvalds himself?

But anyhoo, please, Karmi, write experience reports in the future. The XPS’s are so adorable, I guess many of my readers might be interested in aquiring one of those for themselves.

What I noticed right away is a thing that reaffirmates my shying away from big American companies and their shrewd money-making schemes. Writes Karmi:

After purchased, I had noticed that a $50 McAfee Small Business charge had ‘Snuck’ in, somehow. Not sure if I missed it or they had it ‘Hidden‘ somewhere w/o my knowledge. Tried to get them to remove it, but I would’ve had to delete the order, and then reorder. It was just $50 for a year, and I’ll not resubscribe – fact is, I don’t even have to register it, because it is working anyway.

That! This sux! Sux sooo bad. Just imagine you order a new computer from Dell, with the plan to install Linux on it. And those aholios are like “Surprise, mofo! Enjoy your snake oil for only 50$ exploitation fee.” Wouldn’t sit well with me, I can tell you that. If Karmi tolerates such behaviour it’s his perogative … I, as a woman, have a natural aversion against being raped. 😦

And to think as a Linux user we don’t need virus protection anyway. At least not amateurish kiddyshit like McAfee.


  1. Linus Torvalds on “Why Linux Hasn’t Succeeded on Desktop”: ‘I still wish we were better at having a standardize desktop that goes across all the distributions … It’s more of a personal annoyance how the fragmentation of the different vendors have, I think, held the desktop back a bit … It seems to be that Chromebooks and Android are the paths towards the desktop.

    I had spent days ‘n days ‘n days searching for a new lappy, and may have missed the McAfee addition myself, so I can’t blame Dell; however, You can ‘n have! 😉

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    • OOOPS! Forgot this quote: Linus Torvalds has explained why the so-called Linux “Desktop” OS ‘Stinks‘: ‘For the last 20 years, I kept hearing how Linux on the Desktop would go mainstream in “five years.” “One of the problems Desktop” Linux has is it’s not made for “normal people, and by normal people I mean, obviously nontechnical people…”‘

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      • “it’s not made for “normal people, and by normal people I mean, obviously nontechnical people…”‘”

        I’m non-techy as they come. And most modern Linuxes are super easypeasy to install, super easypeasy to operate and superduper overall. I wouldn’t have the time it takes to install Windows on my computer, scramble for all the passwords and having to learn a new and very uncomfy system.

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    • Karmi, I blame Dell for their ruthless telephone salespeople. Did you watch the one LTT video where they had one of their secretaries trying to order a computer with Dell? The lady on the phone had only one goal: Selling the longer guarantee period and virus protection. She didn’t know shit about the hardware she was supposed to sell. And I guess that overbloating machines with bloatware is industry standard. And the poor clueless customers are paying for it.

      But at least does Dell offer some of their machines preinstalled with Linux.

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  2. Orca, darling, you said write…OK, some of your readers might wonder how or when they can get Windows 11 on their computers early. First, they need to check that it will be compatible. Second, (I suggest) they need to do an image backup before trying to install WIN11.

    Here is a link that offers 3 ways to get it. I’m downloading the “Win11_English_x64.iso” right now, and will create my own bootable WIN11 USB.

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      • No, Linus Torvalds said Linux isn’t made for “normal people”…humble me just quoted him. BTW, I also downloaded another “Step” – Media Creation Tool, where they create the installation WIN11 USB for you. I’ll be testing it on ‘InWin‘ now, since the image backup just finished…

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        • It doesn’t really matter who said it, does it? Karmi, Linux has been lifted out of the geek’s corner already some time ago, and some distros/desktops are much nicer than Wndows’. Not just to look at but also to operate. Who cares about the +600 distros? They are indeed for techy people,doing the gruntwork so housewives, pensioners and kindergarten kids can enjoy the fruits of their developing labour. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

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  3. Yeah, I did an image backup (free wid WIN10), downloaded the Media Creation Tool, had them create an installation USB for me. Then started up ‘InWin’ test computer, and inserted that USB after computer booted to WIN10 desktop (method for “upgrade” to WIN11). From inside WIN10, open “Setup” on the USB installer, and let it do the upgrade for you. Am keeping all files ‘n apps on this installation. I like to do the “upgrade” first, so as to get the digital license Activated on the computer for WIN11. Later on, I may then do a clean install of WIN11 if I wish. I’ll use the same USB for the other 4 computers ‘n new Dell XPS13 (9310). I ordered a 250GB M.2 last night ($41+), and will use it as a test drive for the Dell XPS13. OK…installation just finished, so gotta go check. Later! 😉

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      • Thanks…BTW, I have 4-5 Linux Distros fully installed on USB’s (Windows can’t do ‘Dat!), and tested Fedora on that new lappy last night. Using a Linux USB you can use the Boot Menu key to boot Linux w/o causing the Windows installation any problems. 😉

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        • Yes yes, just change the boot device, no wretched dualboot necessary. Right? But it’s not as fast and comfy as a real install. I’d rather put a second SSD in my machine, have two individual systems installed. Still no dualbooting. 😉

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