Top 5 BEST Linux Distros of 2021

NOT my Top 5. Heck, I don’t even have 5 distros I like well enough to run them on my hardware. But let’s see what Tech Hut’s faves are:

These Linux distributions are my favorite for the year 2021. This list will feature a wide range from a nearly pure Arch experience to heavily customized and themed Plasma environment. For new users and advanced alike there is a distro here that you will love.

00:00 – Top 5 Linux Distros
01:02 – Best Arch Distro
03:20 – Perfect Linux Server (Bonus)
05:41 – Best Workstation Distro
07:46 – Newcomers Distro
10:47 – Best KDE Enviorment
13:46 – Best with NVIDIA

Full List and Downloads:…

So, what do we think about these Top5? I’m totally on board with his choice of EndeavourOS, much less with all the others. His reasonings are sound, the distros are just not for me. But then I don’t even need a server OS, and I don’t use KDE or Gnome.

Did you notice, at least 3 of his Top5 are Ubuntu fork-offs? Or is I wronk?

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