Corona Diary: Day 555

Morning sweeties

While the infection and death numbers steadily decline and the news are super duper boring, let’s have a look at reddit, shall we. Here we have a special case of scatterbrained and/or drugged up fuktard without any social filter, acting up all childish … while being totally ignored. 🙂

Maybe one of my American readers can explain to me what being a political liberal has to do with acting reasonable in times of a global pandemic and why you gotta be rightwing in order to act like a braindamaged toddler? Are those required character traits nowadays?

Aaaand … anywayz! You don’t have to agree with the necessity of wearing a mask in order to not be a disruptive asshole, right? So, do like most of us, at least at these late stages of the pandemic, and wear your mask where required. Or turn your head on civilized society … and get lost, mofo!

Cya laterz



  1. To be completely honest I do not understand people who claim that wearing mask is taking their freedom… (I met lots of these people where I live – they even do their own protests! (SIC!)) So to protect my own mindset I just ignore those people and just try do my best to protect myself!

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    • Yes, Inn.,those rightwing fascistoid assholes are best to be ignored. They are just angry that this time a slightly less fascist party won the election and turn every little thing into a political rightwing manifesto.
      But you are aware that we don’t wear the mask for self-protection but to protect the people around us, are you?

      One more thing: I read in your blog you have lost and gained weight. What are you, a yoyo? Adopt a new habit, yoga is the best, and stick to it! You’ll become flexible, stronger, healthier in no time. Once you’ve reached your goal – don’t stop! You’ll be a fat blob again, faster than you got fit. But stop worrying about your weight. Muscles are heavier than fat, so work on the goal to build muscles, not to lose weight. It will happen automatically.

      Oh,and thx for subscribbling. ^.^


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