Linux Philosophy: Manjaro = Arch?


Okay, next topic please. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Halt, stop. Let’s first define what makes ArchLinux ArchLinux and what not. People, much geekier people than me, are saying it’s the distribution’s software repository. In that case Manjaro can’t be Arch since it has its very own curated repo.

And the Kernel? I guess this makes it even more clear. Let’s look at some screenshots:

This is our new laptop, which runs on EndeavourOS (99.99% Arch compatible). It comes with the recent Arch Kernel 5.14.8-arch1-1. That’s the official state of affairs in ArchLinux.
This is MiniMax, my main computer running on Manjaro. You see it’s on the same Kernel 5.14 generation but 5.14.7-2-MANJARO. What are the diffs? Fuk do I know,but there surely are some minute details which are different. This tells us that Manjaro is definately its own thing.
In Manjaro I even get a menu where I can choose my favourite Kernel. Here I could jump in front of Endeavour by installing the latest experimental 5.15 Kernel.

Are you as konfuzzlerizerd as I am? I mean, all those kernels are very recent Linux kernels, weeks and months ahead of most other Linux distributions, but are they compatible as Arch kernels? Is there even a special Arch kernel, and if yes, then what’s the difference to Manjaro’s kernel?

Honestly, for me, as a mom n pop user, it doesn’t make an iota of difference. I betcha if I’m gonna swap my recent 5.14.7-2 kernel for the new 5.15. release candidate 2 generation there won’t be any change in speed, reliability or daily operation. But one thing we know for sure: Manjaro ain’t ArchLinux … and we don’t care. The operation and lifestyle is mostly the same. And that’s all that counts, no?

So, off to swapping my Manjo kernels now.

See you later … maybe … hopefully. :/


    • Uh ok. That’s pretty recent. But, yeah, Mint 21.10 came out not too long ago, innit? Ugh, what am I talking? Mint .10 will probably only see the light of day towards the end of October. Or are you on a Beta? And then it will fall further behind in the coming weeks and months. ๐Ÿ˜‰


        • Yes, Clem always takes his time to release anything. Doesn’t matter too much since Mint is always good, sometimes comes up with new and interesting stuff and always very usable. And anyways, since we’re on some kinda Arch it’s not our problem if Mint or Ubuntu or Debian goes down the drain, right? ^.^


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