Halloween SL Shop and Hop

Orca won’t be there, she’s never in world anymore. But for you guys, the intrepid Isa’s made not only a informative blogpost but also a very nice widdioh!

Check it all out!

Isabelle Cheren

Its that time again, Halloween month.

Part of the celebrations in Second Life is the Annual Second Life Shop and Hop event.

This year there are 14 regions with 280 Second Life Content creators offering their wares at 20% or more discount to the community. Not only that but all creators have a free gift ready for you to pick up. Now that is 280 FREE GIFTS which you can pick up and honestly thats pretty amazing in one shopping event.

The Event is open today from 1st October right through till the 1st November so you have 1 full month of browsing and shopping .

I already purchased some goodies amongst my freebie pick ups and what I am wearing in this video is in the credits.

Everything you need to know and direct links to merchants stores can be found here

Video releasing in a few moments


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