Corona Diary: Day 552

Mornin’ Awesomes!

Let’s set one thing straight:

People get still infected, people are still dying. And the numbers do seem to ramp up. 😦 For me, personally, I don’t care if the latest mutation is less deadly than the second wave, I don’t know how my immune system will react if I get infected. So I better don’t. Right? I hope you people are on your toes and won’t let your guard down neither.

Laurence Simon slowly turns into George the Corona fighter. 😉

With nearly 2 years delay, the good Laurence finally found the pandemic to be a good source for his 100 Word Stories.

We had a similar occurance but that was during the drought a couple years back. In order not to waste water we went with the golden protip If it’s brown flush it down – if it’s yellow let it mellow! Of course, after just a couple days, we had one rat trying to climb out of the toilet bowl. Eeps and Eeeks and all that shrieking and all that! 😮 So, ladies, fuk the dwindling water reserves, flush your fuxn toilets! Jeezuz! 😐

And cya laterz



  1. With Cali in drought again, I’ve been observing yellow/mellow.

    Our covid #s are finally going down again. I saw an article, a couple weeks ago, that we did much better than other states with regard to the delta variant outbreak. It was attributed to high vax rate but I suspect it’s actually do to warmer weather keeping us outdoors.

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