A Housewife’s Chores

… include a lot of cleaning. 😐

For example cleaning our new lappy toppy off all those stupid Intel stickers n shit. 😉 Why are the manufacturers putting them there in the first place? We’ve already bought your shit, Intel. No need to remind us of that fact!


So today I used the last few drops of isopropyl alcohol and removed all the sticky shit from the Clevo’s chic magnesium shell. Much more beautiful now. ^.^


  1. 🙂 Orca, you and I have a lot in common. We both love Arch Linux and we hate those Intel stickers on our laptop computers.

    I have heard that hot air from a blow drier helps to remove those ugly and unwanted Intel stickers.

    Your method of using isopropyl alcohol to remove stickers from computers is one of the most common solutions that are available on the internet.

    I believe that the manufactures of SlimBook laptops come without stickers by default; they come in a small plastic bag in the box that comes with the laptop (It is there if the customer wants to stick them on for themself).

    The next time you plan on ordering another Clevo, you could try requesting one without any stickers.

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    • That’s very thoughtful of the SlimBook guys. Too bad they won’t send their laptops outside of the EU, that’s why we went with LaptopWithLinux from the Netherlands. All in all it makes no big difference where one orders their lappies, as all the assemblers are using the same Clevo barebones.

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    • LOL wut? Shamed you? Becca, you’re using a 9 y/o laptop! You put Linux on it! You’re saving the planet! You’re a global heroine! There’s nothing to be ashamed of, you hear me? NOTHING! 🙂

      BTW, saving the planet:


    • Naaaw, Karmi, I won’t suggest it. Never would I ever. But knowing that Dell is quasi married to Intel it may be that they’re contractually bound to stick it to their customers what’s powering their laptops.
      BTW, I love the XPS13. What a wondrous machine. ^.^

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