O@tM: Free Guy

Yikes, totally forgot to include film no. 3 in today’s O@tM column, so here it comes now with a slight delay …

A bank teller discovers that he’s actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game.

Good news first: This was actually the first Ryan Reynolds film in which he didn’t went on my nerves after 5 minutes. And nice to see my favourite assassin Villanelle again (Jodie Comer in another cool role). Oh, but another actor I was looking forward too, Taika Waititi, was rather disappointing as the antagonist.

The GTA/Overwatch/Fortnight style game is rather brutal

Apart from that we got a very colourful, but kinda lame Video Game spoof, which would have made a cool 5 minutes sketch in Saturday Night Live or something but wasn’t creative and funny enough for a whole movie. The very short one liner storyline was already all even the studio had to write about the paperthin plot.

NPC is obsessed with Tracer Millie. Is it the British accent?

CONCLUSION: Was kinda ok but could’ve been so much betterer. 😐

That guy from Stranger Things is also in it


    • Don’t get me wrong please, I liked that flick and recommend viewing if you got some time to kill. Also the humour may be just right for American audiences. And RR is the man of the hour so what’s not to like about FG? It’s just for my very sceptical eyes it could’ve been sooo much besterer.


        • I hate his permanent wisecracking in Deathpool movies. Kicks my attention off of the story. But I can assure you the gaming hints are kept to a minimum and all the explosions and mayhem have no impact on the little story. It’s all just to add to the atmosphere. I’m not a gamer neither (Second Life ain’t a game!) and I had no problems intellectually understanding the plot. 😉

          BTW, what became of your safari into SL you planned the other day?


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