Mozilla vs Google: Chrome 94 violates user privacy

And here it is: Yet another reason why Orca doesn’t use any Googly shit!

Read all about it in Gabriele’s blog:

° BLOG ° Gabriele Romano

Google’s releasing a new version of Chrome isn’t generally great news, but Chrome 94 is an exception.

In fact, Google has implemented the Idle Detection API, a programming interface that allows sites to understand if the user who opened one of their pages is still in front of the computer or smartphone (because he is doing something) or if instead is gone.

The detection of the presence of the user is based on the execution of certain actions: it is in fact possible that the user is not interacting with a given site but is in any case using software or another application; in these cases, however, it is present.

If, on the other hand, nothing has happened for a while, or if perhaps the screensaver has started, Chrome believes that the user has moved away and, through that API, can let the sites know.

Although each site must ask…

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