Corona Diary: Day 550

Did I mention that I’m sick a nd tired of this shit? … and mornin’ my frens, btw … Not only drags this Covid shit on for far too long now but at the same time the realisation slowly sinks in that we’ve been taken for a ride. By our govts! Our own govts; people we voted for, in good trust that they would do their job of serving us. But no, they just see this Covid thing as a golden opportunity to fleece their own pockets and find new excuses to cut down our civil rights.

Am I right or am right?

This state of mind caused also the long delay in my diary entries. Even IOL’s Covid news has largely dried up by now so I was forced to find other stories about Covid things. Let’s get right into media res:

Isn’t it ironic? No, it isn’t. It’s sad and dramatic and … stupid.

Now fuk me! People, get serious! Jeezuz, stop the fukn charade now!

I just talked to our cleaner lady who was scheduled for some women operation (not your fuxn bizniz) last tuesday. When I asked her how it went she told me the hospital sent her away and rescheduled her OP for April 2022. Why? “Because Covid”. That’s the new universal explainification for everything these days, innit? Don’t feel like doing the dishes, going into office, cleaning the bathroom, wiping your ass, getting dressed in the morning, showing up for any appointments? You’re excused in these challenging times. “Coz Covid!”

You can always count on Laurence Simon to find the right 100 Words for any situation!

And this news from just today sounds reasonably good, no?

“a blip rather than a wave.”

Cool, cool, cool! But hey, this thing is far from over yet. Stay alert, stay alive. See, it all boils down to personal responsibility, to you and me. So girls, before you agree to take part in a gangbang scenario with 20 horny ugga-uggas, please think twice. Push the event forward to 2022 if you can wait that long. 😉

Where’s not out of this corona thing! People are still dying. Not in the wholesale numbers as before but if your autoimmune system isn’t prepared for the Covid-19 virus, no matter if 3,000 deaths or 50, you don’t wanna become part of the statistic. So whenever I enter a store or the gym, I’m gonna smile thru the temperature scanning and hand sanitizing as long as these measures are in place. Nobody’s interested in my personal opinion, they are just doing their jobs, and I’m doing mine as a club member or a shopper.

Sooooo, guys and guysines, yes, you may be cautiously optimistic! Shit’s over soon. BUUUUT! pleeeze don’t let your guard down yet. Stay frosty and keep our perverted sexual escapades to Second Life. So you only need to sanitize your keyboard and not your moomoo or your pecker. 🙂



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