That Old Geezer Still Alive?

Watch the NEW official music video for Rod Stewart – “One More Time” from his forthcoming album ‘The Tears of Hercules’ out November 12. A project close to Rod Stewart’s heart, his rekindled love of songwriting grows stronger on his 31st studio album. ‘The Tears of Hercules’ features nine new original songs written by Rod Stewart including “One More Time” plus covers of Marc Jordan, Johnny Cash and more. Pre-order your copy here

If you’re in the UK, pre-order THE TEARS OF HERCULES from the Dig! Store for early access to future UK tour dates:

I don’t know, girls, I guess he’s lost his sexy long ago. No?


  1. His real name is Sir Roderick David Stewart. He is also a model railway enthusiast. I remember seeing his huge model railroad in a documentary once and being impressed.

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  2. I saw him live in the 80s… great show. But yeah… no so much ‘sexy’ anymore. Looks good for 76 but he sounds old and the young women in the vid make him appear even older.


  3. Privileged white Progressive women are like sheep being led to slaughter or a herd of bison being directed over a buffalo jump, when it comes to ‘Silver Tonged’ men like “Sir Roderick David Stewart,” who usually combines that wid his rare ‘Golden Voice’. 😉

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    • Pheew, how good that neither Trap nor Leenda are spoiled in any way but hardworking women who are either disappointed in Sir Roderick’s musical output but more interested in his model railway. The only spoiled one among us is Orca, the fiscally poorest medical caretaker. And I was never a fan of Roderick neither, not even in his rocking time with the Small Faces. Too bluesy for this old punk. 🙂 Was just surprised to find the promo for his upcoming album in my my YT recommendations. You know how Google’s algorithm
      werkz, no? Middle aged female, often listens to music videos … she definately stupid enuff to buy Roddy’s new album, innit? 😮

      But, I really wanna know now, since you kinda begged for the question: What makes us so spoiled in comparison to you? Respectively what is it that makes you unspoiled in reference to us? You know that Leenda is a medical wreck and Trap is snowed in her igloo for, like, 10 mths out of every year? Oh, and she uses Linux professionally! Karmi, honestly, you wanna swap with either of ’em?


    • And I never said that I have master race gene. Quite the contrary, as 1/4 jew, 1/4 Portuguese and 1/2 Dane there’s not much master race in me.


      • Afghanistan is Lost! (9/19/2021) – “You’re right, I’m kinda white, despite having some Palestinian ancestry.”

        It’s that Master Race gene that has the ability to ‘Gene Shift‘ at will… 😉

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        • And now think, where did the Jewish believe come from originally? Jerusalem/Palestine if I remember correctly. Or thereabouts or in the neighbourhood. ^.^ Maybe that’s why I was born with a head full of black curly hair. It disappeared after a couple of days/weeks and made room for white. Oh, you’re right tho. I’m indeed unbelievably privileged in so far as I never had any religion and learned to think for myself.


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