Corona Diary: Day 544

G’day Gummybears ^.^

Some Covid-19 related shit:

Okayyyy, I slowly loose the rest of my very limited trust in all those Covid experts. 😦

Laurence Simon’s 100 Word Stories are always good … and sometimes their topics are very current. No?

That Alan Winde wants all restrictions to end is no news, he states the same at least 3 times a day. Of course he wants everyrthing to stop coz local business puts pressure on him. And also he’sfrom the DA, opposition party. So he can’t fall in line with anything the govt does. Very boring by now.

And the protest marchers? What’s wrong with you? Why does every little shit have to be politicised and made a fuzz about? Don’t wanna be vaxxed? Fine, me neither. Why would I get vaxxed only to end up in a hospital bed in Italy? So I don’t register and don’t get in the cue at the local vaccination station. Case closed.

So, there you have it, folks. Stay sane, stay clean, stay save.




      • Popular stat is that non-vaxed people are 11x more likely to die (or maybe it was hospitalized) than vaxed. And that vax causes illness to be substantial less serious.

        Delta variant is massively more contagious than the orig version. Massively… many states had their worst outbreaks to date. Some still have no ICU beds… and it’s not even “indoor weather” yet. I was happy to read that Calif currently has the lowest infection rate… but we’re still having hot weather and staying outdoors. Maybe all that wildfire smoke helps.

        No updates on the Mu variant, which is good.

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