Conversations with Karmi

… are often made needlessly complicated by his blog’s settings not allowing commentaries. :/ Still I hope I’ll be able to help him out with his most pressing question. This one here:

Without having read deeper into the subject I can vouch for Dell computers being Linux compatible. Heck, they even offer enough models preinstalled with (Ubuntu I guess) Linux to order directly from their website. I also know that Linus Torvalds himself uses or used an XPS13 as his main coding machine. So altogether we can state that Dell is a very Linux friendly hardware manufacturer.

I never owned a Dell myself but I know they have a very good reputation with the users, particulary the XPS models seem to be the beezkneez. πŸ™‚

And one more thing …

Subtotal excl. VAT: € 810.74

Shipping UPS: € 107.08

VAT South Africa: € 147.62

Total: € 1,065,44

Not the cheapest but still the cheapest, incl freight.

Despite the screencap and the upper shell are made from magnesium, this ultrabook feels lightweight and flimsy. I know actually it’s not, the machine is rather sturdy. Feels just too precious to manhandle it.

And the all-important test: Yes, I can open the screen with one finger without holding the shell back on the desk. Dunno why, but all the YouTubers are making a fuzz about that. And my Clevo passed this test easily. πŸ˜‰

And the 14″ screen ? Let’s compare it to my old 11.6″:

No biggie! πŸ˜‰

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