EndeavourOS Flying High

After having passed the mighty Manjaro (which is, like Mint, trending downwards since then), EOS is fixing to throw MX Linux of its #1 position. The distance up to MX might seem to be ginormous but let’s have a peek at the last 7days stats …

It seems inevitable. EOS willl be the new Numero Uno pretty soon. But how come? Endeavour isn’t very nifty, has almost no luxuries built into the code, comes with a bunch of desktops and window managers, but only in their most standard versions, without any prettifying. Plus it’s very high maintenance, demands you update your system multiple times each day. Not at all newbie friendly. 😦

So it’s a distro that isn’t supposed to be that high up the charts. And yet it is. Wanna know why? Lemmy trynna gurlsplain:

  • EndeavourOS gives you freedom. Like total freedom. But only if you’re not a dummy of course.
  • EndeavourOS has the friendliest, most helpful users’ forum in all of Linux. This is where you join in order to get undummyfied … if you wanna.
  • Everything can, nothing must! I can go on a planetary trip and forget my computer at home, and when I return after 80 days and start an update, chances are very high it will just go as smooth as if I had done my daily/hourly updates. And if it’s not gonna work out, I’ll be smart enough to help myself or find help in the forum.
  • EndeavourOS is a blank slate. Do with it as you fancy.
  • The DW charts are reflecting/honouring the top of the crop of Linux distros, the most hip and fashionable. Not necessarily the most user- and n00bfriendly.
  • If you want to or not, Linux is a personal journey. You will learn a lot and become a better more fancy person. In EndeavourOS the option to grow is almost limitless.
  • EndeavourOS ain’t the bestest Linux on the block, it never claimed to be. Because EOS devs and users are smart enough to know there ain’t such a thing. Some distros are coming very close of being pretty close to be the best for a certain type of user. And EOS ticks all the right boxes for a growing number of users. And since pretty much all Linux users are getting personally smarter by the day, EOS’s user base is growing accordingly. Coz EOS ain’t dumb!

Any of you got the appetite for this 99.999% compatible ArchLinux distro? Here you go!

PS: Yes, I’m home. Entrance doorlock broke again, respectively the complex worker broke it. 😦 And I had to be home to let the cleaner lady in through the back door. And now I’ve gotta complain at the management and get a new, better, lock. 😐


    • We’re not there yet. Only in the 7 days chart. And superb it’s only for people who “get it”. If you wanna vegetate without ever doing anything and never switching your brain on, stuff like Debian is much more superberer. If you have to admin NASA’s space program or admin all of Google’s and Amazon’s servers, you also wouldn’t choose EOS. Endeavour is for a specifically gay sort of penguins, which seem to be quite a lot. ^.^

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