A Little Bragging

I’m still over the moon happy with our newly purchased Clevo laptop, so I wanna show you this:

Moved from Manjaro Cinnamon to Endeavour Mate by now. And why not? We ordered this lappy without dedicated Nvidia chip so we don’t need the easy peasy driver install. Apart from that I just like EOS even a bit more than Manjo.

Let’s “zoom in”. ^.^

As you can see new computer means new name. Since ‘OrcNet’, the netbook, is kaputt and out of commission now I christianed this Ultrabook ‘UltraOrc’. We’re running the latest Linux kernel, 5.14.6 and our computing power is generated by the latest generation Intel chips. And we’re using 477MB ram out of 16GB. So no reason to fear running out of ram ever.

Ok, brag over. πŸ˜‰


  1. Manjaro cinnamon distro dropping FF has me twitching. Not got a lot invested time wise so I may retry Mate on endeavour, more linuxy, less minty. Damn I’m hopping more often than a kangaroo

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    • The best solution for this is to have many many computers. I didn’t really hop since I’m still on Manjo Cin on this here, my main machine. Only switched on the new lappy.


        • Should be. πŸ™‚ Put 12 different Linuxes on ’em and ppl still can’t blame you for distrohopping. That’s a thing I’m fighting about all my Linux life: Ppl accusing me of using a new distro every week (hey, hi, Sammie!) while I’m mostly on the same distro since my second week in Linux. The rest are just test installs on test computers, i.e. for the blog.


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