O@tM: SPICE WORLD – The Movie (1997)

What? You think Orca’s selling herself cheap, watching shitflicks below her level? Damn right I do! So what? Sue me. Flix like these are purpose made, they must propagate the good “Spice Girls” thru sounds and vision, not necessarily tell a well-rounded story and win any academy awards.

And Spice Word did exactly that. Fulfilled its job to perfection. It was loud and colourful, spiced with celeb cameos from the first second to the last, unfunny one-liners and harmless visual gags.

A screeching, silly marketing vehicle much better done than it was done for The Beatles in the 60s. Really, believe me, The Beatles were a great band, real artists, not a calculated, planned product. Yet, I didn’t manage to watch any of their flicks in its entirety. They were just too bland.

Can’t say that about the Spice Girls movie. It’s a hectic, almost breathless, always moving, quasi documentary about an artificial girl troupe and their shenanigans. If you like the fluffy music you’ll be well-entertained. ’nuff said! The story, pacing, acting … all that falls by the wayside here. The targeted audience couldn’t care less. Throw the catchline “GIRL POWER!” into the script a couple times and you have the bestest, mostest spiciest film evaaar! Mission accomplished!

Ok, so the world famous girls themselves: Can we say 4 averagely pretty bishies with average talents + 1 beauty bish with a bit less talent. In so far we see substantially less of Victoria (Posh Spice) during the song and dance routines than of the others. And in the story part she got the best one-liners. Needless to say that Victoria (Beckham) is the only Spice Girl we still hear about. 😐

Oh, you was borned after the millenium jump? No idea what we adults talking about? Lookiewatchy this here trailor and get in the know:


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