Leaving Windows

Mörnings, Örcsi gotz sumfink for ya!

This is the most in-dephts how-to manual for everybody on their way out of Windows and into Linux. Does this guy recommend all the same things like Orca would do? No, of course not. That’s the beauty of Linux, there is not one right thing, not one right method to do anything. All in all I’m very satisfied with Troy’s choices so I can wholeheartedly recommend you watch this very detailed series, do exactly as he tells you … and end up a happy new Linux user. On a very advanced system!

Manjaro 21.1– Part 1- Leaving Windows

Manjaro 21.1 — Part 2 : Settings (Appearance)

Manjaro 21.1 — Part 3 : Settings (Workspace Behavior)

Manjaro 21.1 — Part 4: Settings (Personalization)

Manjaro 21.1 — Part 5: Software, Apps, Aur

He took his time, right? Easy to follow the instructions or was it too fast? You know you can stop any YT video at any time, move a bit back and forth and go directly to where you lost the plot. ^.^

And the best thing is that you can do it!

It’s not even close to being some geeky rocket science. If it were you think Orca, of all the people, would blog about it? All you need is a USB stick, or thumb drive, as it’s also known. 4GB capacity should be plenty enuff. Oh, yes, and a preferably unneeded computer thing. Some old lappy from the goodwill store down the block should do the trick just fine. Just make sure it’s not older than, say, from 2010.

One more thing: When you do this you will end up with a pretty fancy system, something not necessarily aimed at n00bs. But I guess Troy will have explainified his choice of system to you at this point. 😉 Does your new environment confuse you? Hah! As it so happens Orcablog reader and contributor Becca just installed Manjaro/KDE herself, so if you have any questions I’m quite sure you’ll find an open ear and help with her.

If otoh you decide that’s all a bit over your head, well, there’s always the good old, trusted Linux Mint. Orca’s starter recommendation since years. The steps and methods of installing Mint are kinda the same as decribed by Troy, you’ll just use another ISO and end up with a, maybe easier to grasp, distro and desktop.


  1. I love the idea of Linux and have dabbled a little but never yet jumped from Windows. I’m fairly technical minded having built and programmed my own drones, but aside from habit, mainly Photoshop, InDesign and gaming compatibility have held me back from taking the leap. Are there compatible Linux alternatives for these? I like your blog, cheers.

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    • Hi TasView, thx for writing in.

      I can tell you that GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a mighty image software. No idea if it can replace PS in all details tho. But you can test it out, it’s Free and Open Source software and available for Windows as well.And far as I know there are even additional modules available.


      I have no idea what InDesign is, sorry. DTP program or sumfink? Yeah, alternatives galore. Also multiplatform, so you can test a Win version:


      And Scribus is only one of dozens.

      And gaming, yeah, I’m not a gamer but I know that STEAM has nearly all its games available for Linux. Already years ago were more games available for Linux than all the 3 major consoles had on offer. And gaming in Linux gets stronger and better every day.


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      • Thanks for the reply, might be tome for me to revisit and have another dabble! I did try GIMP a few years ago and was surprised how good it was then, creature of habit, I soon went back to familiar Photoshop. InDesign is a graphic design /page layout program, I will look into scribus as an alternative. Thanks 😊

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        • “creature of habit”

          Mhm, here too. 😐 It was me who told hubby about Linux but didn’t adapt to it properly myself while he was happy on Ubuntu. I was dual booting at that time but always chose Windows over Linux. Until one day hubby chewed me out and made me having a bad conscience. :/ So assembled all my willpower and deleted Windows once and for all. I can’t say it was always easy but I didn’t look back a single time. 🙂

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