Corona Diary: Day 541

Gud moarnink, toons!

Let’s start with a video today:

We clever now, all smarted up and well-informed?

Good noos and merry Xmas everybody!

And here some commentary about the vaccine passport:

If the protected need protection from the unprotected, how weak is their alleged protection?

Kidz, you know what Orca always says: Best protection against Covid-19 is NOT GETTING THE FUK INFECTED! That’s why I urge y’all to stay home. Come on, today’s a Sunday, you did your grocery shopping already on Friday, like a good person, and so you have no reasonable reason to leave your home and yard.

It’s really not that hard to avoid infection and strain on the public health system. Oh, and wear your mask and sanitize before and after touching anything other people might touch, too.

cya laterz



  1. I know 3 people who are currently waiting for covid test results due to unusual illness symptoms. All have been really good about limiting interaction and don’t know when they might have been exposed. Im hoping it’s paranoia based on not having been sick, at all, for 2 full years and forgetting what that’s like.

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    • This may very well be the case, yes. I’m having the sniffles right now. Not a full blown cold or flu, just sniffles. So matter of factly I’m sick … but it’s not Covid-19, can’t be. I’m seeing you all masked up in front of the Hamilton poster. A regular spreader event. How many others were wearing their masks? And later none of them can even imagine when and where they caught the virus. 😦


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