1. This is just my opinion. Afghanistan’s citizens had 20 years to become strong, to create an Army while the U.S. forces were there. They could have learned to fight, to stand up for their own country. Instead, they did not.

    If the Island I live in was being taken in hostility, and another country had helped us to repel our enemies, you can bet anything that I would enlist and learn how to put up the fight of my life, for my country.

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    • “Instead, they did not.”

      But they did,Tom!
      First the mujaheddin, then the taliban. I kinda compare them to the vietcong. They put up the fight of their life for their country, and ultimately won. Vietnam and Afghanistan alike. Rest of the country probably didn’t even notice what was going on. You know they are living very remotely and their main concern are their goat herds.

      “I would enlist and learn how to put up the fight of my life, for my country.”
      I see the Americans are still the occupying force, calling the shots in your country, are they not? Go enlist, kick ’em out!


    • It’s sad. But the US left Afghanistan in a power vacuum Taliban and ISIS are fighting over. Women are fucked no matter who emerges victoriously. I blame the current situation for the most part on the USA. They never invaded Afghanistan fully, they never cared about the people, even less about the wimmin, neither did they understand the culture. All they cared about was creating unrest, building a basis against Iran, showing the Russians they could fuk it all up even worserer.

      And now American media goes all whine whine, caterwaul, sough, boohoo. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


        • You’re right, I’m kinda white, despite having some Palestinian ancestry. Oh, and I’m a woman. But you must please define progressive, so I can decide if I am one or not. I have very conservative socialist values but am progressive when it’s about human rights.

          And you’re absolutely right, I don’t give a flying wet towel about other people. Coz I don’t like people too much, am even afraid of most. But I’d never treat others unfairly, and I want the best politics and govt for everybody. As I said I’m very sorry for the Afghan and Saudi women but I don’t see any possibility for me to help them.

          Didn’t America barge into Afghanistan 20 years ago with all her might and power and … did nuffink to help the girls and women? See, contrary to me, they had the power to set everything right, and didn’t. And now you’re angry at me for not helping?

          Really, Karmi, really?

          And privileged? Not monetary. We’re living from hubby’s pension and disabled insurance money. We’re doing reasonably well … because we left the west and moved to Africa. In Germany we would have to dwell in a small flat, we couldn’t afford a car, would need to go to the food bank coz all of hubby’s money would go into mandatory professional care. That’s how privileged we are.


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