Rant: The Vivaldi Devs Are Hypocrites!

That! There! This is exactly what I and most much better people than me don’t like about the Vivaldi browser. And it’s stupid integration into the latest ISO of Manjaro Cinnamon edition.

If you’re going to be proprietary, at least do it with class. Vivaldi should at least not boast of their ‘mostly open source’ base if they’re going to then poo poo on one of the greatest reasons to be open source.

So, they forked Chromium and used 92% of its FOSS code … and then they close sourced their browser to protect it from being forked? Can you say HYPOCRITES? Coz that’s what they are, and what Manjaro’s Cinnamon team are as well. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Yes, I’m using Manjaro Cinnamon too. Does it make me a hypocrite as well? Good question, now shut up. ๐Ÿ˜ LOL, no, really good question that deserves an answer: I’m not a hypocrite. Because when I installed my Manjaro version it still came equipped with the Firefox browser and was all FOSS with the exception of the proprietary Nvidia graphics driver … that I happily installed. Still not a hypocrite since 1) Nvidia makes their drivers freely available and 2) I’m in possession of a Nvidia graphics card so I have every right to use the specific driver for it, no?

That makes me not a 100% FOSS fanatic. And I never claimed to be one. I accept proprietary software, have no problem with it. It’s when businesses – and, make no mistake, Vivaldi is a business – make use of free stuff without giving back, where every Linux user should put their foot down and say STOP!

The video is about the Vivaldi (“Vivoldee” if you’re American) devs making use of FOSS principles but not granting the same privilege to other users. And that is indeed hypocritical!

But what am I talking? I shut up and let you watch the video. ^.^

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