Corona Diary: Day 539

Guten Morgen liebe Gummibärchen

Look at this shit:

On YouTube we see happy faces enjoying needless, useless vaccination efforts on toddlers plus fascist methods used by some universities … all while the number of daily infections is dropping. Sorry, I can’t make any sense from these news.

I wasn’t gonna write my diary today since SA’s self-cannibalism isn’t interesting at all. But then I found this little tidbit:

So. 😉 A-ha. 😮 Have we relaxed the Covid-restrictions a tad too early? Are we sacrificing human lives on the altar of business again? 😦 Or why are infection numbers surging? Fortunately the USA has one good website left: arstechnica is about more than just computergeekery but informs us about really important stuff as well. I check it daily. And I recommend you do, too.

What else do I recommend? Oh, just the usual: Stay home, keep social distance, sanitize and mask up. Simple measures for survival.

Cya tomorrow


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