I Love China

But I hate their cheapo door locks with a passion! 😦

This is the 3rd lock since we’re living here in this unit

Took our complex workers almost 3 days to change the entrance lock after the old one gave up the ghost. The replacement I bought was so shitty, you couldn’t even pull out the keys after locking or unlocking it. This new one seems to work. Question is just: For how long?

Why I don’t buy better quality, I hear you ask. Because all the brand locks are gone from the stores, you can only get Chinashit anymore. Hardware store is down to two brands: One budget and one expensive with some Italian sounding name, all fancy like. Knobs, cylinders, even the keys were all the same. Yikes. 😮

Went to a locksmith, see if they had something decent … nope, same shit only more expensive. 😦

Dunno if that is due to the Covid situation that in the West nothing works right anymore but we’re more and more depending on China?


    • The thing is it all looks so massive and well done, heavy metal n shit and right after putting it in the door it starts to move and wobble. 😦
      The Chinese aren’t stupid, I bet you can get locks that match Swiss or German niftyness but then the prices aren’t that low anymore. So I mostly blame the stores for only stocking the cheapest shit. I was fully prepared to pay twice the price or more, it’s our fukn front door ffs, wanna be save inside! But no, can’t buy it.


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