Corona Diary: Day 536

Ahoy mateys!

Who said something about the Covid-19 situation is relaxing? Papa Smurf knows better, as he tells us in the beginning of his broadcast. Still gvt’s gonna relax the Covid restrictions. Look n listen:

President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation at 20:00 on Wednesday on South Africa’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.


For this story and more, visit News24:

What else we got today?

The UK, typically for those snotnoses, has decided to ignore Covid-19 from now on, even though they have the highest numbers of infections n shit …

This all looks like the whole pandemic thing is slowly and silently phased out and turned into a non-event. Fuk all the sick, shit on the dead, we’ve decided Covid-19 is over and done with. Now get to work and enjoy the rest of your lifes. 😐

Know what, I suddenly lost the resolve to write my diary today …



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