Ten special attractions to visit in Bellisseria

Ricco Saenz with a very special list of 10 special places to check out on Belliseria continent. Read … and go visit!

Second Sighting

As a new underwater tunnel connecting a group of windmills to a balloon rezzer is about to be released in Bellisseria, I took the opportunity to revisit some gems spread around the continent that revolutionized the project of Linden Homes. Actually, this is one of the features that transformed Belli into a special place on Second Life’s map: it’s full of hidden — or not so hidden — treats for those who go exploring it.

The list that I present here is by no means exhaustive. It’s just a small selection of places that I consider interesting. But there are other curious, delightful attractions in Belli. In order to get a notecard with even more places to check, I suggest stopping by Bellisseria Citizens Headquarters.

So here we go, starting with the new place that I have just visited and which is about to be released:

1. Balloon rezzer, underwater…

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    • Liked it very much.That’s was my motivation for reblogging, so I have it handy in my own blog when and if I log inword again. I’ll make sure to visit all those places. 🙂

      I’m so smart. 😉 LOL


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