Just What the World was Waiting for!

To celebrate 30 years since the release of The Black Album, Metallica curated a tribute album to themselves. The just-released Blacklist album features a whopping 53 covers of songs from The Black Album

Good people on this compilation. I’m quite sure one or two of your favourite bands and musos are among the covering crowd as well. And I gotta admit, I loved the Black Album as much as the next girl. But come on, 30 fukn years have passed since then, we all’ve grown up and developed better taste in music and don’t need to listen to those old played-to-death songs anymore. Or do you?

And 53 covers of just 12 (13 in Japan) songs? If you still love them now, you’re guaranteed to hate them after listening to this magnum opus in full.

Otoh it must be said all profits from this tribute album will go to charity, so this vanity project is actually for some good cause … or sumfink.

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