Corona Diary: Day 534

Morning Smurfs πŸ™‚

Okay, now it gets silly. Like for realz!

The first of South Africa’s teenagers, who are taking part in a global Covid-19 vaccine trial, received their jab on Friday morning. Around 2,000 children aged between 6 months and 17 years will take part. Barry Bateman was at the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University in Pretoria.

Courtesy #DStv403

Of course it’s done by the WHO. The donors of the WHO haven’t made enough money of the poorly researched vaccines yet, so they need to inoculate all the children, too. Ummm, errrm … didn’t they tell us that kidz and youths aren’t affected? That they don’t show any symptoms even if they are infected? Hm, that seems to have changed now.

Wotz going on?

Again: The number of new infections being lower doesn’t mean we have less infected people! Actually, we now have 5,309 more. More, not less! The numbers only tell us that the pandemic has slowed down, not that it’s packing in and getting ready to wave baibai. And if we stupid humans go on like this, Covid will stay with us for a damn long time to come.

Is humanity too stupid to do anything right?

And now a paid promotion:

BRICS is a very good co-op of countries. In theory. In reality India is kinda on the warpath with China, fascist leader and Covidiot Bolsonaro doesn’t wanna be in that club and South Africa is just happy to be there, and allowed to play with the big kidz.

So all we got from their virtual summit was some hollow virtue signaling. Bah, politicians. 😦

We, my fellow humanoids and underlings, we’re expecting more, don’t we? If things were right, all 5 countries should by now be as Covid19-free as China is … and do good business while the West sinks down in chaos. Pfff, wasted opportunity.

cya laterz


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