Photos How-To for Becca *EDIT*

Heyas hun. I quickly cobbled something together for you:

Fullscreen shot
Fullscreen snapshot with the screenshot function activated. You can see the 3 options we get with this
Same here: Celluloid is the active window but I shot the whole screen
Now I only used the active window, which shows us the contents of my Music on USB stick, which I use in the car radio
This is how a fullscreen shot looks after saving it
With the 3rd option we can, from a full screen …
… just cut out the part we wanna show

When I wanna post RL photos my Canon camera gives me the choice of:

3×2 (analog 35 mm film)
4×3 (i.e.1024×768, which was our computer screens’ ratio for the longest time)
16×9 (1920×1080, most used computer screen format nowadays)

Hope I could help a little. 😉

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