Corona Diary: Day 533

Good morning, Teletubbies

Good news today, if we can believe the newsmakers. Excuse me please, but by now I’m so disillusioned and angry and sick and tired of all the Covid-19 circus,I don’t believe anything anymore. But here, please, check the noos:

Ok, let’s get one thing straight here: It’s a decline in the numbers of new infections. Nowhere does it say there are less infected people, only that not as many get newly infected as just couple days/weeks ago.

No reason at all to prat kak like this mijnheer Winde:

And the Danish?

Fukn Scandinavians can do whatever they fukn please. It might even be okay for Denmark, Sweden and Norway. You gotta know they have a very high standard of living, very good universal healthcare and they are few people living far and apart. If it’s not a night club opening, like in the photo, you never see that many Danes converging in one place.

It’s a completely different scene than the same amount of Indian or African township dwellers, you know. More than 83% of the people in the photo are fully vaccinated, well-fed, and elucidated about the virus. They know the risk and are there by their own free will.

If the decision by the Danish gvt was a wise one, or rushed, we’ll probably hear about in a couple weeks time. 😉 I stole the story from Leenda’s blog, thx very much, hun.

So, back to us. At least back to those of us who don’t have the luxury of living in some desert hamlet, far away from everything but living the busy urban/suburban lifestyle; we know what to do, right? Stay home as often as possible, keep social distance, brush your teeth, sanitize your hands, eat healthy shit and ffs wear your masks! 😐

cya a bit later



  1. That sure isn’t happening here, and I don’t believe what we are being told either. I think ALL of it since the very beginning has been exaggerated and inflated, and meant to scare people. The reason why I cannot fathom.

    Now, our Prez is calling for large businesses to require vaccinations or weekly testing for those who refuse vaccines…. it’s like a witch hunt. It’s almost terrifying to even sneeze in earshot of another human being.

    Mask mandates, travel restrictions… for some random reason there’s a labor shortage, so somehow people are getting away with not working and many many many businesses are closing. I have no idea how those people are getting money, seriously. It’s crazy!

    None of this is headed a good direction, and I know pro-vaxxers will say that many diseases have been eradicated by the use of vaccines. Very true – but what they usually fail to mention is that most of those vaccines spent 30-50 YEARS in development before the disease was wiped out.

    I believe we are in this for the long haul – the VERY Long haul… it might be barely within our lifetime before we see the end of this. I can’t even take much more. We are vaccinated – the only reason we got it is because I thought it might end up being required for travel. It isn’t and was pointless to get (to that end). I also needed it to get out of wearing a mask at work while we were required to be on-site, which was also pointless, because after only a few months of no masks, we’re back to masks.

    We recently went on a vacation and masks were required there. MANY people posted that they weren’t attending the event we went to out of fear of getting sick – even though not only were masks required, vaccination or negative test within 3 days was also required. There were a lot of people jumping onto FB to warn us all how we were all going to die from packing ourselves into a large event….

    There’s so much fear and hysteria, and misunderstanding and lack of comprehension of disease life & transmission it’s not even funny… and that is on BOTH sides. People don’t seem to understand that this disease isn’t going to go away any time soon, regardless of vaccinations or masks; and on the flip side, people also don’t seem to realize that you can get sick no matter what you do or where you go – there’s always a chance.

    I know of at least a dozen people (family and friends and friends /family of friends) who have contracted Covid despite strict mask wearing and isolation. Yet please, tell me more about how masks will bring about the end of Covid? UGH!

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    • Exactly. All we get to hear are biased opinions. On both sides of the spectrum. Real infos are hard to come by, and as long as we’re kept dangling I’ll wear my mask. Mask is the smallest of my problems, a mask won’t harm me.
      About the vaccines I’m not so sure. Hubby and me will only get vaccinated once it’s really needed when we have to fly to Germany or so. Not a second earlier! At least they don’t have witch hunts for the inoculated here.

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      • The big reason we got the vaccines was for international travel. We *thought* getting it well in advance of our planned trip to Jamaica was a good idea because “by then” it probably be required to travel.

        The way I figure it, if I ever got to go on a once long-dreamed trip to Africa, we would need to have inoculations we’ve never even heard of to meet travel requirements, so I viewed getting the Covid one for travel as smiliar.

        Unfortunately I was wrong, and it isn’t necessary for travel, doesn’t prevent you from getting it (most vaccines are not preventative), and you still have to test and then can’t fly if the witch hunt lynch mob catches you with a + test. Sooooo…. pointless.

        Still can’t wait for Jamaica. Oh by the way – those required Covid tests… they’re about $250 for a rapid and $150 for a 24 hour one. So our trip just got a bit more expensive!!!!! GAH!

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        • As impeccably insured and spoiled €uropeans we won’t pay nuffink for neither test nor vaccination. Still … they are shitting on us, KShai. Not on us directly but on our wise leaders who pay for all the shit with our tax money/insurance premiums. 😦

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