Windsurfing Race Day 36 with Sea Boss Rider at Saint Aubrey yesterday

Sanja, Ester, Ella, Izi, Amy and Lucy joined me yesterday on our reversed courses 1 and 2 with wind from South and 25knots. The weather conditions were as fine as on Tuesday. And yes Lucy didn’t finish in the second race, but that is a different story.

the fleet at the briefing

The first race was as far as i can remember our fastest and closest race ever. Looking at the start already shows that all 7 sailors started within 5sec.
Ella arrived a bit too early at the start line and tried hard not to cross it over early. She was successful and crossed the line at 0:01s, but with only around 7 knots speed. We others crossed it with nearly 16knots.
You could say well that cant be that bad, but when you follow this race you will see it was already her loss. These girls improved so much during the last 6 months and are so fast already that just one little mistake like this decides a race already.

Izi sailed right after the start some meters away from the fleet, had room to sail free her own way, didn’t do a mistake and saved her little lead through both laps until the finish. Ella after her slow start sailed at the end and tried hard to catch up, but yesterday it was just impossible.
The real action happened in the middle: Sanja, Amy, Ester, Lucy and me were the whole two laps close together.

the high speed leg between buoy OE and CN in lap 1

Sanja was a bit too optimistic at buoy CN, hit the buoy during the turn and fell back to the end of this fighting group. Ester was leading this fighting group most of the time after that and Amy was most of the time at my side.
I was always faster than these two at the turns around the buoys and could pass them there, but they caught always up with me again on the following leg.

the high speed leg between buoy OE and CN in lap 2: Izi in front, Ella at the end and we others in the middle

The mini map picture shall just show you how close it was during the whole race and that it was nearly impossible for me to say who was who.
My again better turn at buoy CN again inn lap 2 gave me a little advantage over Ester, Lucy, Amy and Sanja. So i could cross just some seconds after Izi the finish line.

the final leg in lap 2

But i think behind me we had the closest finish ever. 4 sailors within 1 second: Ester and Lucy at 10:04 and Amy and Sanja at 10:05.
Congrats to Izi for her win and the others for this most exciting race. 9 out of 14 laps were under 5min and now i think you can imagine why the slow start of Ella made it impossible for her to catch up more again even with her awesome sailing.

The start of the second race was a bit more spread out. This time Sanja used her nearly perfect start to sail away of us all some meters, used the most risky line to cut the sim corner on the way to buoy ON, had no lag there and was gone. She didn’t do any mistakes until the finish line and won with 39seconds. Congrats Sanja for a perfect race and win.
But behind her the race went crazy. We all turned around buoy OE nicely. On the way to the risky sim corner i saw just on the left edge of my screen Izi running into Ella and saw the words “Sorry Ella” from Izi on my screen. I am not sure but i think she did a penalty turn for that afterwards and fell back.
When i looked at the mini map while i was on the upwind leg to buoy CN i missed Lucy. She told us afterwards why she left the race.
She was a bit too fast on the downwind leg and ran into Amy, who had ROW. Both got stuck for a couple of seconds. Lucy did her penalty circle and ran again into Amy and both got stuck again. Well Lucy will say she lost her mind again and felt so sorry for having Amy’s race ruined, that she immediately deleted her windsurfer and left the race.
Not many would have done this and i am proud of her decision. Well it didn’t help Amy in her race, but it shows the respect that all have for the others in this group.
We can all do mistakes like these and if you look back at the first race you see how close this group has grown together and that these things can always happen during these fast and close duels.
But we all meet after the race at the Tiki Bar and drink together… and smile at each others again.

But back to the race. After Lucy left the race and Amy and Izi fell back, Ester and Ella started an exciting duel for the rest of the course. Side by side until the finish line and only the line knows why Ester was just a blink in front of Ella, time for both 16:39.
I sailed somewhere between the far leading Sanja and the fighting Ella and Ester a pretty relaxed race. The distance to the others was too big and so i couldn’t take any good pictures of this race.

video finish of race 2: 2: Ester, 3. Ella
4. Izi
5. Amy

I have no clue how to do a short summary of yesterday’s race day except to write the same stuff again..
Congrats to Izi and Sanja for their wins and thank you all for the fair and respectful intercourse. You all are my heroes of yesterday.

drinking and smiling together again after the race at our Tiki Bar

Here are the results from yesterday:

71: 2021-09-09-St AR – SBR – 1 – REV – S25

1: Izi Shinohara BS188a – Race Time: 0:09:51-9points
2: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Race Time: 0:09:57
3: citacg Resident BSdca5 – Race Time: 0:10:04-6points
4: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Race Time: 0:10:04-4points
5: Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 – Race Time: 0:10:05-3points
6: SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Race Time: 0:10:05-2points
7: eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Race Time: 0:10:18-1point

Lap Times:
Izi Shinohara BS188a – Start: 0:00:00 – Lap 1: 0:04:55 – Last lap: 0:04:56
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Start: 0:00:02 – Lap 1: 0:04:59 – Last lap: 0:04:56
citacg Resident BSdca5 – Start: 0:00:05 – Lap 1: 0:04:58 – Last lap: 0:05:01
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:04 – Lap 1: 0:04:59 – Last lap: 0:05:01
Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 – Start: 0:00:05 – Lap 1: 0:04:56 – Last lap: 0:05:04
SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Start: 0:00:03 – Lap 1: 0:05:05 – Last lap: 0:04:57
eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Start: 0:00:01 – Lap 1: 0:05:18 – Last lap: 0:04:59

72: 2021-09-09-St AR – SBR – 2 – REV – S25

1: SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Race Time: 0:15:38-9points
2: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Race Time: 0:16:17
3: citacg Resident BSdca5 – Race Time: 0:16:39-6points
4: eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Race Time: 0:16:39-4points
5: Izi Shinohara BS188a – Race Time: 0:17:04-3points
6: Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 – Race Time: 0:17:50-2points
7: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Not Finished-1point

Lap Times:
SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Start: 0:00:01 – Last lap: 0:15:37
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Start: 0:00:06 – Last lap: 0:16:11
citacg Resident BSdca5 – Start: 0:00:08 – Last lap: 0:16:31
eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Start: 0:00:12 – Last lap: 0:16:27
Izi Shinohara BS188a – Start: 0:00:17 – Last lap: 0:16:47
Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 – Start: 0:00:07 – Last lap: 0:17:48
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:08 – Last lap: Not Finished

Standing overall St AR 2021 SeaBossRider Championship (after 72 races):
Sailor-points (number of races)

Stay all safe and healthy and hope to see you all again next week on our new courses 4 and 3 with wind from North East and 25knots.

hugs and kisses


  1. Sounds like it was definitely an exciting regatta and that you had great fun!

    “The mini map picture shall just show you how close it was during the whole race and that it was nearly impossible for me to say who was who.”
    Wanna know?
    Simply “mark” people in different colours. In FS, further to the colours defined for people or friends, you can use 5 more colours to highlight persons of interest on the minimap, as shown here >>>

    Liked by 3 people

    • dont be too sad and frustrated Lucy..
      i can understand that you overlooked Amy the first time, because all sailed to NE and only Amy came suddenly from the side
      and well with the mind still on the first hit and thinking of doing the penalty asap you overlooked Amy again.
      It was a series of bad luck situations that i dont want to excuse, but it can be explained and i bet it wont happen to you in the next weeks again.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My foul on Ella was just before ON, where I thought I could pass just ahead of her on port tack before gybing for the mark, but I was a bit too close. I don’t think we made contact but I made Ella alter course a bit. I carried on on port reach and did a turn before rounding ON, trying to avoid the others already on the next leg. After my awful start and that mess up I almost did the same as Lucy, but decided to ‘soldier on’.

    Liked by 2 people

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