I have a bad feeling about this:

The Matrix was arguably one of the bestest movies ever made. Fukn Wachowski brothers sisters should have left it there, don’t you think? Coz the two following Matrix flicks turned out to be suckfests. And now they are trying it again! 😮

Whipping a dead horse in order to grab your Woolongs and finance their genderswapping OPs?

Don’t get me wrong please, the trailer looks fine and weighty but I fear it’s all just packaging and not much content. All just a nostalgic hypetrain?


    • 11 mins dissection of a 2 mins trailer? To me it says there is something seriously wrong with this sheet. 😐

      The story of the Matrix has been told – quite formidably – in the first movie. Everything after that was nothing but a moneygrab. It’s like Ridley Scott’s increasingly awkward attempts to blow up his Alien movie into a great pseudo religious saga … with increasingly stupid and meaningless films.

      Admit it, guys and girls, it’s our moolah you’re after. Nothing else. 😐


        • Hubs n me are gonna watch it as soon as it appears on YTS. Or, noooo, hubby already said this gonna be another flick I gotta watch alone. Okeee, don’t need to see his long face and listen to him snoozing away …


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