Corona Diary: Day 530

Good evening

Only one newness today:

I never liked Mr. Winde. Politicians like him are such typical slaves to the economy and bribe monies and sooooo whiiite! I think he’d better fit in Europe or America. And have you seen this little detail?

this must now be thought through and put in place before the fourth wave,”

So he knows already there’s a 4th wave coming. Jeezuz, the 3rd wave has just started but he knows the 4th one will arrive. Aaaand? You don’t see any correlation between lifting pandemic measures and waves of infections?


No, I don’t think Alan Winde is an idiot. He just places his own interests before those of the people of the Western Cape. A small clique of – mostly white – businessmen putting pressure on him to open up all businesses, all venues, all shops and stores. And he, good politician, complies. We all know exactly,it’s the poorest of the poor, the black communities who are hit hardest by the virus. But in the mind of a white politician those people don’t count. They are just voting for the ANC, not for his party, so fuk ’em! Right?

You guys treat your less fortunate neighbours nicely, ok?

Over and out for today, cya tomorrow


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