Manjaro vs. EndeavourOS

Endeavour fans getting ready

Yesterday I was so sure we’d see the big place swap today, EOS grabbing #2 from Manjo over night. But nooo, Manjo caught some air, shows an upwards trending arrow, and has bought itself one more day grace period. I mean, of course resistance is futile, in the long run you can’t withstand the sheer power of EndeavourOS.


Yes, I know this is all bullshit and the DW chart isn’t any indicator for real world marketshare and similar nonsense that interests no Linux hobbyist. But its funny useless fun, like watching a fantasy football game or racing glass marbles …

The battle starts …

So after EOS was breathing into Manjo’s back for quite some time now, Manjo seems to have found some hidden grains, stretches its muscles once again and does a last second evasive maneuvre. At 2 HPDs! Ladies and gentlemen, it couldn’t be a closer fight if they tried. This is sooooo exciting! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

The mighty Manjaro will fall! Eventually. They all do. But today isn’t the day it will fall.

Manjaro fans stand behind their team!

Ok, maybe the analogy sucks a little. German Premier Football League fans are maybe a tiny bit more hardcore than Linux distro fans. :/

In Orca’s warped mind the DistroWatch chart is a bit like …


    • Me neither, Neil. I guess they added some luxuries to the Debian base for the geeks to play with. Ever since I used Manjaro for the first time in 2014 I swear on Arch and all other distros are simply not good enough. But if I had to use Debian for one or the other reason I’d go with Sparky.

      Oooooh, just noticed EOS has reached #2 on DistroWatch! Gotta make a blogstory about that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Laterz …

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        • Actually it is worthy enough to be on rank one. I can’t explain in words. Just consider it as a version of Debian stable branch that most look for. Debian don’t do much customization, MX Linux took it to the next level. Now I’m thinking to try it out on main machine once. Since it is based on Debian, and I’m on Ubuntu, things would be easy for me.

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          • Actually easier since Deb doesn’t come up with a new version twice a year. But MX uses the Xfce desktop, which I find a bit lacking. And anyway, I love to be on brandnew software, even doubt Debian would support my pretty new AMD processor.


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