Sunday Linux Philosophy: Manjaro = Arch

Yes, no, not really, not in the purest sense of Archy snobbishness. Because reasons.

You don’t install Manjaro in the ArchLinux way, Manjaro doesn’t use the ArchLinux repository, and, most important, the Manjaro devs say it themselves that their distro ain’t Arch. Coz it doesn’t follow the vanilla update philosophy of wet-behind-the-ears total freshness but only updates once every fortnight. Or so.

All good and valid reasons.


You see the lovely collection of software contained in today’s Manjaro update? See that there is some archlinux-appstream-data stuff among all the good things? Yes, mhm, yeah baby! I’m even going as far as stating that if you ignore your hourly Arch updates on your pure vanilla system and instead wait for 2 weeks before you run an update, you’ll end up with more or less the same collection of goodies I just received some moments ago. I’m clueless about all these things, uninterested, not geeky about all that.

But I’m not totally stupid.

And then we also gotta see the pure functional side of our Manjaro system: We have access to the AUR Arch User Repository, we use the same terminal commands, our user experience is, like, 99.999% Arch-like. So for us housewives Manjaro, by all means and purposes, is Arch!

Of course we won’t say so when we encounter the pure Arch disciples. No, never! But we can say I use Manjaro btw! with our heads held high. Because running Manjaro on your computer is already kinda geeky, a thing many boyz won’t dare and stay at home with Mommy Ubuntu.

Of course we know the truth and just enjoy Manjaro’s soft embrace and luxurious environments. Particularly when we use Cinnamon DE as our user interface we feel like we’re back in Mint … only better. ^.^

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