What the World Needs …

… is unfortuntely not compatible with what America needs. So as long as there is a strong USA you may forget your peacenik fantasies, hippie! 😐 America needs war! Sweet war. Neverending war! Coz war = PROFIT! Get it. Now go home and cry to your momma.


    • For America, yes. Good for Afghanistan I guess. I’ve seen videos from Kabul, situation relaxed, life’s going on, Taliban seem to have everything under control. Fortunately Afghanistan has no oil, far as I know.


      • I’d say the oppression of women is horrifying but Texas just put a big twist on oppression… not only banning abortions but also allowing anti-abortion groups to sue anyone “helping” an abortion, including rideshare drivers!!
        Great news yesterday: TikTokers are spamming the ‘report an abortion violator’ websites.

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        • This reporting business is the worst. Shows how meanspirited some people are. I know we had such snitching culture, too, in Germany. Only then it wasn’t poor women but jews who were reported to the authorities. And I thought humanity had learned from that. Obviously not. 😦
          Well, I can tell you who’s learned their lesson: Hardened criminals, jailbirds. Snitches have a hard time in prison! So those criminals possess more dignity and honour than normal citizens?


          • Texas is largely a bass-ackwards state of old white bigoted hypocritically “christian” men and the obedient women who support them.

            Unfortunately, it’s empowered other states to start rushing similar laws while the same among us impatiently await the amended court challenges (the court did not refuse to overturn it; they said the challenge didn’t have proper supporting documentation).

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