Uiuiuiii Manjaro! :o

What the actual phuk is going on here?

After I awkwardly demonstrated my poor math skills I won’t tell you how few HPDs are there left between the mighty, complete and comfortable Manjaro and punky, sparse newcomer Endeavour. And the difference is dwindling. If this trend goes on Manjo has only days left in its spot in the sun. Then it’ll be surpassed by EOS! 😮 Not completely undeserved but still not so nice. Compared to Manjaro is EOS a DIY kit and its users must know kinda exactly what they want. It’s like comparing Mint to vanilla Debian. 😦

When you install Manjaro you can start being awesome right away, when you install EndeavourOS you first gotta install and fine tune diverse things. Sure, no prob for when you have patience and knowledge … not so nice if you wanna have the Apple experience: Plug in, switch on, go!

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