Corona Diary: Day 523

Yaseen Khan

10 hours ago

Covid has more updates than an iPhone. No man

Thanks to Leenda for hinting me on SA detecting yet another newer, more hipper strain of Covid-19

The National Institute For Communicable Diseases Of South Africa held a briefing on 31 August 2021 on the detection of the C.1.2 variant in South Africa. The new variant is said to be present at very low levels.

Yes, there are more news. Of course there are. Our fellow upside downers OZ and NZ having surge of infections and lockdowns now as well, and at the home front people are dying as usual. It’s all very very sad. And everybody just wants this shit to be over and done with.

Also found at Leenda’s:

Well, it’s September now, this Corona shit can only last for some more days until things are back to normal.

I guess that’s all I got for you today. Stay save out there!



        • Mhm, too many to follow. And no end in sight. And we never get any real info about the significance of any strain, they are just painted at the walls as the next devil. And no word about what wave we’re in at any moment. I dunno since how many months I’m thinking we’re deep in the 3rd wave … accordding to IOL it just started some weeks ago.

          Know what, hun? I just don’t care anymore and just act as I did from the first day onwards: Stay at home as much as possible, cocoon in, sanitize, keep clean, keep social distance, wear mask as soon as I leave the house/van. Coz no matter the wave number or the letter or origin of the mutation, not getting infected is the best solution. Agreed?


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