What’s Orca Doing at Home?

At 8:17 a.m.? Ain’t I sposed to be at the gym right now? Yes, I am BUUUT kinda hurt myself yesterday, something with my hypertensioned hamstring and shit, and am still not completely healed. The joys of getting older, y’know?

Anyhoo, what I wanted to show you today in order to make you sooo jelly about not being on Linux but left behind at Microsoft’s bestest is this:

Kyooot! šŸ™‚

See the awkwardly cute panda? Ya, now forget about it and listen nicely: In about 10 minutes the panda will be gone. Wiped off my desktop and replaced by another random graphic from my wallpapers collection. Isn’t that a really really useful function of my Cinnamon desktop environment?

Cinnamon is lekker! But only available for Linux.

/me looks at the clock, nods and has another look …

… swoosh!

… and, yeppers, the slideshow functionality did its job and it amuses me to no end. Ā°-Ā°

Can your Windoze do such amazing stuff?

Wanna be almost as cool as Orca? Here you go!

Oh, btw …

… and swoosh! Ahsoka Tano. This thing can show us more than just dummybears. ^.^


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