O@tM: The Protégé (2021)

Okay, I was bored. Sooooo…

You know what I did, dontcha?

Else I wouldn’t have watched this rather run-of-the-mill, very average spy/killer flick:

Rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody, Anna is the world’s most skilled contract killer. However, when Moody is brutally killed, she vows revenge for the man who taught her everything she knows.

And that’s it already. All you gotta know about this pretty unsophisticated flick. If there weren’t some aspects that keep it out of the B-movie folder. Like for example the director. Martin Campbell made one of the best Bond movies, and the best Bond of the Daniel Craig era. I guess he made this one for the paycheck. So it’s competently done but I wasn’t able to shake the feeling that I’ve seen it all before. And better. 😐

Then there’s the cast. Remarkable! Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson as supporting actors for big feature star Maggie Q. Huh? Yes, the video game and B-movie, only known to geeks, “star” Maggie Q. But she didn’t do her job half-bad and filled her role quite recommendably. And let’s be honest here, are you keen on just another ScarJo blockbuster right now? Girl’s slowly turning into box-office poison. :/

Let’s talk about Sam Jackson. I promise it’s gonna be quick: Same as Campbell he was cast for his name on the poster. And he wasn’t in the film much. When he was in, he was a believable Sam Jackson impersonator, playing his typical lovable dirtbag routine we seen from him so often..

And Keaton, really? I can’t understand what Jeremy Jahns found so clever about his dialogue scenes with Maggie Q … and the romance. Fuk no, I didn’t believe any of it, neither did I believe in the character. Also, let’s face it, all three of our mains are showing signs of aging; do we really wanna see them in carressing, love scenes? Even if only implied, I could live without.

That the screenplay was average, free of any nailbiting moments and sophisticated as a rock I mentioned already, did I? So what else is there to say about this Movie? After I haven’t left anything positive to say about it I must admit, I was rather well entertained. That was 1:45 hours not wasted. Particularly when seen in comparison with what else is in the circuit right now, The Protégé was actually one of the better movies I’ve watched lately. A robust killer/spy flick without too many weaknesses. And for a fraction of the Marvel budget they wasted away on Black Widow.

CONCLUSION: Average … but not below average.

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