Corona Diary: Day 520

Friends, readers

Slowly I’m giving up hope. Dunno how you feel but for me it seems this Covid situation keeps just dragging on and on without any real story arc, without a looming culmination in one or the other form. Just more death, more infections, more hospitalisations, more blind activism, more and more politicians making asses of themselves, more kids sent into burning schools, more fascist govt measures … the fun is gone from this pandemic. 😦

And no end in sight.

Instead this whole catastrophe is now my fault. 😮 Because I’m not vaccinated yet, and not in any particular hurry to even register. Yeah, evil me.

Fuk, I’m healthy, I stay home most of the time, I keep my social distance, I sanitize, I do all the things one does to stay safe during a pandemic. Guys, I’m not responsible for the raising body count, I didn’t participate in any superspreader event. And no worries, hubby and I, we will get our jabs once the time comes to cross international borders and we know more about the vaccination and they’ll use a better vaccine.

Still no end in sight.

Why? Coz fuxn politicians can’t stay passive and ride it out. They open schools, churches, Olympic games, parties, they get rid of mask-wearing mandates … you know, all the shit usually reserved for covidiots. And because said covidiots can hardly wait to be let loose, to mingle, to rub skin, to spread the virus.

Okay, the news:

Less reporting but the few reports are dynamite. Paramedics are overworked; logical conclusion many more death covidiots; logical conclusion crematoriums are burdened way beyond capacity. Anybody still thinks this is all a hoax?

10,000 new cases on Saturday … those numbers don’t seem to get smaller. In fact they have been smaller already a while ago. But then, you know, relaxation of lockdown rules, opening of bottle stores, permits for huge parties … :/

And hey, look what interesting tidbit of Info I found in fellow blogger Jill Dennison’s blog:

Floridia, isn’t that the state where a certain asshole named Ron deSantis just went against mandatory mask-wearing in schools and unis? Okeeeee… 😦

Please read Jill’s condemning story and give her an UpThumb while you’re there.

/me takes a deep breath: People, I gotta leave the house now, groceries shopping. I don’t wanna but I have to. And you can be sure that I’m gonna wear my mask and take care not to get too close to any other persons around me. It’s the logical and most easy thing we can do in order to curb the spread, isn’t it?

Cya later



    • What I take from this is: “In any case the comparison looks devastating for Pfizer and other vaccine producers.”

      But then other commenters questioned the validity of the sample and methods. Seems the Israelis had a too small sample group and labled stuff wrong and draw “cheeky” conclusions and the results were not warranted. And swoosh, I’m back at zero.

      And that’s why I’m so hesitant and still think the best way to survive this shit is to simply not get infected. 😐
      Coz when I’m not contacting the virus I won’t need a vaccine. 🙂

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    • Thx for showing me that the EU and SA aren’t the only places where they handle this crisis wrongly.

      Only 2 countries I’ve noticed doing almost everything right: PRChina and Morocco.

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      • No indeed, not the only ones at all! We are dong a horrible job, mostly because of the sheer foolishness of about 30% – 40% of the people, and Brazil is doing even worse than we are, though we still have the highest number of cases and deaths.

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