The Biggest Advantage of Linux …

… over lesser operating systems, like Windoze for example, is this:

Update of 082721 on Manjaro Linux

In Linux we receive and install updates, even huge ones like this with over 270 MB, while we keep on with our usual computing stuff. Here you see me oogling Orca’s blog, while in the background the update is going strong.

I love that! It never gets old. πŸ˜‰

The latest Linux Kernel!

Even most important stuff, like the system Kernel … swoosh, finito! Linux is cool, and ArchLinux in particular is a gift that keeps on giving. ^.^


    • Oh, Neil, I don’t really dare.

      You know how peculiar the real Arch guys are, hardly accepting stuff like EndeavourOS as Arch … and downright despising Manjaro. And, btw, didn’t the Manjaro guys state it themselves that Manjo ain’t Arch coz it has its own repos or sumfink?
      But yes, for all means and purposes it is the fukn same. Only that we don’t get many updates every day but only one like every fortnight. And, boy, does it feel good to live such a carefree life.


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