They Are Really Doing It! :o

Pleeeez gaawd noooooo!

Won’t they ever learn? Obviously not.

Now Netflix dummies are trying their darndest wurst to ruin beloved Cowboy Bebop anime. Not as big as the overarching Ghost in the Shell franchise, was Cowboy Bebop with it’s only 2 seasons Ć” 13 shows + a feature lengths movie a much more handy product. A story with a red thread from the beginning to the inevitable sad ending.

Still, Cowboy plays for huge parts in space, on space stations and exotic planets. In order to transfer that scale into a live action spectacle, they’d need to pump huge amounts of money into the project. But from the few photos we already gather they deleted Radical Ed and her smart dog, Ein. Oh, I see Ein is obviously in but no sign of Ed yet. Come on Netflix, is it so hard to cast a thin but techy ADHD teenager? Aren’t they all like that these days?

And what drove them to cast John Cho as Spike Spiegel? The animated Spike is clearly an Italo-American type of man, not an Asian. Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black and Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine are much closer to their animated counterparts. Pineda maybe a bit too cute and not sexy enough for her role but we’ll see.

I mean, yes, ok, live action ain’t animation and we let details slip, as long as the spirit of the show stays mostly untouched. The drama and sadness below all the flashy imagery. The inevitability of living an adult life.

I highly doubt Netflix is able to carry that weight.

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