Corona Diary: Day 517

Mornin’ everybody

How goes it? I hope you’re all doing reasonably well and are not too restricted by various forms of lockdown n stuff. But also not too exposed to the very real virus. Me? Oh, I’m doing good, we’restaying home mostly, as we always do when we’re not out and about and mingling. Of course spring slowlyshows its friendly face and the urge to spend more time in the great outdoors is getting stronger. To be honest, we’re already planning on a Namibia safari … sometime.

Ok, the news:

The two American pharmaceutical companies presented to the FDA the data relating to the clinical trial of 44,000 participants in the USA, the European Union, Turkey, South Africa and South America. The vaccine can now be marketed under the Comirnaty brand. Until now, the drug had been used thanks to an emergency authorization from the FDA, on 11 December 2020. Pfizer’s vaccine is a drug that can be regularly marketed and no longer limited to emergency situations. The vaccine manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech has been definitively approved by the FDA for people aged 16 and over.

What is this? 91% effective in preventing Covid infection? Huh? Last I heard was that none of the vaccines will prevent us from infection. They just make our survival chances much higher andn we don’t need to be hospitalized after infection. But what do I know? Oh, and also I don’t wanna be in the way of Phizer raking in the billions.

And yes, let’s open the door for obligatory vaccination! Every single jab means more profit! \o/ YAY! \o/

Friends, honestly, don’t you have a hunch that we’re being shat on?

“A total of 16 162 825 tests have been conducted in both public and private sectors. The total number of Wednesday’s cases (n= 13 251) is higher than Tuesday (n= 10 346) and higher than the average number of new cases per day over the seven preceding days (n= 11 889). The seven-day moving average daily number of cases has decreased,” the NICD said.
There has been an increase of 606 hospital admissions in the past 24 hours. More than 11 million people have received their Covid-19 vaccines in the country.In the past 24 hours, 266 988 doses were administered and by Tuesday afternoon, 11 076 106.

This is the real world, people. Infections and death toll are rising,and people couldn’t care less about Phizer’s blooming business. Unfortunately our dear elected leaders are thinking alongside Phizer. They have to, else Big Pharma will bully them out of their jobs. Yes, it’s sad. But that’s the world we’re living – and dying – in.

BUUUT! That’s no reason for members of our small circle to let down our guard, no? We’ll stay alert, we keep social distance, we sanitize, we wear our alibi masks, we eat healthy, we survive!


cya later



    • Yikes! That’s terrible. Taking the fact that the WHO is only kept alive by donations from Big Pharma I fear they will create the superhuman. Ultra productive with no sick days … and dies punctually on their 65th birthday, so we won’t waste pension funds on them. 😦

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