Oh Noes! :o OrcNet is Dead! :(

Orca sux. Yes, that’s nothing new but she really sux at something she usually takes quite a pride in: Handling computer hardware. Now for the second time she’s killed an unsuspecting, hapless old computer. 😦

R.I.P. * Acer TravelMate B115 * 2014 – 2021

So after I received the quote from the workshop, that by far succeeded the monetary value of my crappy netbook, I decided to just take it back and butcher it for the parts I’d put in just recently: Kingston 240GB SSD and Transcend 8GB So-Dimm RAM. That stuff will probably find a new, better home in one of my mini-Lennies or – more probably – in hubby’s older laptop.

And now? We need a new travel companion, that is sure. And we both are adverse to taking hubby’s shitty thing on the road, so we need one sent over from Germany since here we only get machines with English keyboard layout. So I have my eyes on this little wonder from an unusual manufacturer, at least for us:

Yes, after HP was about the bestest around the turn of the century (apart from IBM/Lenovo of course), they are now merely participants on the hardware marketplace, and I have my reservations partícularly about their second tier Pavilion range. But as even Lisa liked this one quite a bit, I guess we should have an eye on it.

But then …

No wifi on Linux? WTF? I mean Lon’s using fuxn Ubuntu and I guess Manjaro and real Arch distros will probably be compatible with the HP’s Realtek wifi thingy. But do we wanna risk it?

What a sobering start into a usually delightful shopping experience, no?


  1. HP does build excellent Chromebooks…so probably the others also. Well built! I love the 12.2” Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 XE521QAB that I converted to a Linux laptop. Still around $299 on eBay. Probably not powerful enough for you tho, but it runs Fedora 34 Cinnamon ‘n Linux CloudReady OS in a dual boot just fine. Good Luck!

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    • Yeah, I’m always looking quite enviously at the Chromebooks. They seem to be very well made n stuff. Plus we can install Linux on those things. If there wasn’t the problem with the small storage space. And we refuse to save anything in the cloud; so there. 😐

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      • You can’t install Linux on any Chromebook…just on *CERTAIN* ones. I have a great 14″ HP FHD Chromebook that won’t allow Linux on it. Great $200 Chromebook! The BIOS only allows Linux in certain hardware configurations. See MrChromebox.tech or a series I have on them at newbies. You literally have to replace the BIOS before Linux can be installed on them.

        On that 12.2″ Samsung I installed CloudReady to the former Chrome OS’s 32 GB eMMC, and Fedora I’ve had on a 128GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC Memory Card, but replaced that wid a 64 GB one since I had more of those. They have bigger ones. I never install data on OS drive unless its a test computer.

        Don’t have to use the cloud wid Chromebooks…I don’t go near that fuking cloud! 😉

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          • Correction…you can install an old old old Linux version w/o replacing the BIOS, but it is horrible ‘n barely works right. Terrible!

            Yeah, Linux is a hog for space…all bloat ‘n little OS. Give Chromebook a try…slim and efficient wid space, and absolutely no bloat. Sorry…couldn’t resist! 😉

            That 14″ FHD HP was $200 wid Chrome OS on a 64 GB eMMC. Use the card slot if you want more data available. They might work great for like your trip to Germany …

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            • They might. Yeah … buuuuut Gøögle! Ya know. 😐

              Me, as a totalitarian salon bolshevik can’t justify using American capitalist traitor software on my machine. I mean, what will the comrades of the internationale solidarity think about me? What will the comrades of my autonomous collective think? Wannabe radical GNU/Linux Stallmannite goes Gøögle! 😮 I don’t need that scandal in my life.

              Guess we’re just purchasing a cheap laptop and put Linux on it. Et voila. 🙂 Got enough time for that now anyway, don’t we. Only gotta be in Germany some time next year … and you never know how the Corona situation will be by then.

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