EndeavourOS, OMG! :o

Now it gets almost spooky …

EOS devs will give us a new release. That’s the natural order of things happens, I guess, 4 times a year in order to keep the ISO files fresh and up-to-date. So if you’re entertaining the thought to start your ArchLinux journey with EndeavourOS (please don’t), please wait another 2 days and enjoy a truly unproblematic installation.

No, no, my problem is here:

See it? EOS, after reaching #3 in a rather spectacular manner and speed, doesn’t settle there. It still fukn climbs! And that while Manjaro, the big fat, mighty Manjaro, seems to have peeked and stagnated on #2. Only 99 HPDs are between my two most favourite distros now.

And since Manjaro, for me, is like the Mint of the Arch world, and EOS is not, I guess Endeavour hasn’t earned a place above Manjaro! But it will get there. :/ Don’t get me wrong, I love EOS for what it is. The squeeky, loud, spaceship flying punkdaughter of Arch. All the power to her. But above Manjo? Come on! 😮

Catch my drift?

Aw, who am I talking to? Most of you lovely victims haven’t even installed your first Linux yet, so you have no idea what I’m talking about, right? And you couldn’t care less. 😦

Know what? I’m not a meaniepooface witch woman but I almost hope your personal data will be in the next round of stuff that gets lost while under Microsoft’s careless stewardship. And Microsoft will just shrug it off and tell you you shoulda read the Terms of Service.

Will you wake up and open your eyes then?

7:45 a.m. Shriek! Off to the gym I race …


  1. Orca, where did you lern rifmertic, same place as I lernd to spell rite? 109. Not that this stuff means anything to me, cos I’m on MacOS. (I probly deserve it, but please don’t beat me up over that).

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    • Okies, Macster, 109. You win the interwebz today! Allow me curious question plees: You on M1 wonderproci already? You know you can install Linux on it, dontcha, and make your machine truly yours.

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    • 15 years??? OMfG! We can say she had a long and fulfilled life. Now let her rest in pieces and get an SSD. Manjaro deserves a better home! ^.^


  2. I’m considering a shiny new M1 iMac, cos my late 2012 i5 with a 512MB video card takes yonks to boot up & makes sailing with anything more than low settings a pain. If installing Linux on that old boy would breathe new life into him I’d give it a try… but not until I have another machine to use, cos I’ll probly turn it into a useless pile of WEEE. (That’s not what it sounds like).

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    • Izi, 2012 is old,very very oooooold. Get sumfink nuuu! Problem with Apple machinery, particularly the not “Pro” stuff is that they are always 1 or 2 generations behind what’s current in the PC world. And in puncto graphics they never do more than absolutely necessary. That’s why nobody uses Macs for gaming. 😦

      You can save money and dignity by buying or assembling a powerful gaming PC and installl Zorin Linux on it i.e. Zorin makes a desktop that looks like MacOS so the new environment won’t look too strange for you.

      During the pandemic, all computer stuff has become prohibitively expensive, so right now ain’t a good time to purchase new hardware tho.


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