Karen Metal

Yeppers! As the title says …

I’ve got so many questions. 😐 First would be what’s Karen doing at V’s Secret, whom is she trying to fool? And secondly, is the quality of prescription drugs going downhill in the US?

PS: After watching the vid a second time now, I must sympathize (just a little) with fat Karen. I know in America you don’t have the right to your own picture, but where I come from I’m protected by law from having my picture taken. And that includes video. So if it were me, I’d hit black bish so hard and throw her phone in the toilet and … flush. End of story. But I would do so without all the hysterics. =^.^=


  1. The Democratic Totalitarian party’s (AKA Democratic party) puppets in the MSM reported it as – “A white woman caught on camera attacking a Black woman in Victoria’s Secret store.” I trust North Korea’s and Iran’s MSM more than America’s…

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    • I don’t trust anyone but just observe. And what I’ve seen is a black woman just filming a white woman … for whatever reason we don’t know. And then white woman tries to slap the phone out off black woman’s hand, and failing that suffers a meltdown.
      Instead of just asking black woman to stop that shite, she went berserk. I guess that’s America or sumfink. :/


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