Corona Diary: Day 513

In the press today I find mostly opinion pieces about how people are suffering loneliness coz their families are dying and why wages in the public sector can’t raise and of course the inevitable Hundreds of teachers, pupils test positive for Covid-19 since schools reopened. You don’t say? Really? And now you’re surprised?

Sorry, I’m slowly running out of patience with my fellow mammals of the so-called sapiens sort.

So what to do to fill the pages of my diary today? Satire! The enfant terrible Russell Brand isn’t really funny in this video. He never is. But we have to laugh as he paints us a picture about how bad the situation really is. And how we are duped and lied to.

Just watch the video and I guess that’s enough Covid-19 info. Not just for today …

Russell Brand, elfish Marshmellow Woman and Dr. Fauci

That won’t stop us from being careful, right? No matter if vacced or not, let nobody talk a bad conscience into you. They are using their usual strategy of pitching us little people against one-another. Why? So we don’t find out the truth and point our united fingers at them!

Fact is, the Covid-19 virus escaped the laboratory in Wuhan, where Chinese scientists where busy developing some uglyfugly bio weapon … commissioned and paid for by the USA. Forget the idiot story about idiots eating delectable bats; the truth is much more blatantly obvious and evil. Of course it is.

But the fact remains that we all know how to protect us ourselves from virae, don’t we?

Mask up!, stay away from me!, and cya laterz


PS: You’ll find me at home.

PPS: Don’t come in!!!


    • Who dumb? Russell? Me? American gvt? We all? And I don’t think anyone fakes the dumbness, it comes quite natural for most of us. At least the mountains of dead corpses. Most of ’em were probably rather dumb, thinking it’s just the flu. And we be homo sapiens sapiens (now with 100% more sapiens), we don’t die from the sniffels, we too smart. And now see were they ended up. 😦

      I’ll humbly take the ‘cute’ tho. ^.^


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