Sparky Linux 6.0 First Impressions

What’s going on in the usually super slow moving world of Debian? Just last week or so, after only 2 years since its predecessor was released, Debian 11 entered the Linux realm. And yesterday, only 1week later, Sparky Linux 6.0 came out … and is already based on Deb11! And today … yes, today, we have already the first YouTube Linus reviewer giving us a video about it!

I guess I mentioned it already a couple times, that for me personally Sparky is the bestest Debian-based Linux distro. It doesn’t have to be yours, as you, like most people, prefer MX or LMDE or maybe one of the dozens of other Debian forks and daughter distros.

Or, if you’re a sexy and adorable user you’re on Arch or an Arch-ish distro and just sneer at everything Debian. =^.^=

If on the other hand, your Linux machine is a pure workhorse of imminent importance and you don’t have any tolerance or time for system maintenance and error hunting, you wanna have Sparky or any of its compadres installed on your hardware. Install and forget!


    • Goood on you, Becs! There’s really no need. Debian is mostly for nerds, eventhough distros like LMDE and Sparky make it very accessible. But you’ll end up with an outdated, stable system. This is perfect for running servers. Do you admin any servers? No, eh. I don’t either, so we stick to our sexy and always fresh desktop distros.
      Hope to read from you soon. 😉


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