Do You Like Modern Pop Music?

Then better do not click on this video by my favourite Japanese bishies of the math rock band Tricot:

Weird time signatures, highly dynamic speed and rythm changes, this live gig from 2021 show the band at the height of their game. And they also find the time to silly around on stage.

Potage is a bit more serious jazzrock fusion. Excellently played and recorded.

And now bugger off and listen to your half-assed top 10 streaming shit.


    • ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Oh, wotz wronk nao? I know the singer can’t sing for shit. But none of the Japanese girls really can … and it doesn’t matter coz she plays a damn tight rythm guitar. Like Lennon did in the Beatles. Not a great instrumentalist but he knew his stuff and was very well rehearsed.

      And Ikkyu is an all around better muso than Lennon.

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