Corona Diary: Day 510

Morning peepelz

Boy, did we miss some business in the last couple days. So let’s get right at it. Shall we?

I need a better screenshot app. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Really now. How to comment about just another human failure with mortal consequences?

Take the jab, go dancing. Is that a bribe? Test how corrupt even the younglings already are?

1 case! That means half of Jacinda’s underlings are infected. Adorable reaction to save the other person. But for realz now, 3 days lockdown? Why can’t politicians think in longer terms than just a couple days? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Pupils of today are double-fukked. I’m so grateful to have spent my youth during the free and carefree 70s.

Surfer dudes and dudettes are hellbent on repeating the dance of the death. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Western and Eastern Cape showing increasing infections. Hey, that’s where all the tourism is happening, innit? Coincidence? Nothing to learn from that?

Okay, so far the local news. If I’d be a meaniepooface I’d say “Go ahead, people! Keep on dying please, I beg of you. The more Covid, the more corpses, the longer we can stay and don’t need to go to Germany.”

Honestly, we saved so much money during the locky downy, it’d be a shame if life goes back to normal anytime soon.

I hope you guys are doing reasonably well, hang on to your lifes and don’t do anything stoopid, m’kay?

/me’s off to the gym …

cya lataz

yolo (really)


  1. Proof of vax is finally rolling out here. But there are fake cars, esp in Orange County (SoCal epicenter of covidiots), which is where I have concert ticket for late Oct. I’ll prob make a decision about attending that day.

    I’m still staying home for the most part. School reopens on the 31st. Masks required and daily random testing. I may not let neighborkid over till delta slows down. Dunno yet.

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    • Right-o! Neighbourkid seems like a problem child with her ADHD.The older I become the less tolerance do I have for those scatterbrains. And didn’t you say her parents are infected but do not care? Stay clear of the whole family!


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