More Cool Linux News

Hey, you’re sitting on the fence? Happy on Mint but have the nagging feeling there must be more, cooler stuff out there? Manjaro is your gateway drug into the pretty kool world of kool Arch kidz. ^.^

And Manjaro has just released the latest snapshot: 21.1 Pahvo:

Many new things in this new version. particularly when you’re a KDE or GNOME user. Okay, we all hate GNOME with a passion, right? Right? And KDE and Xfce are just nor our thing. Amiright? But anyway, if you’re just going to install your own Manjaro nownow, then Pahvo is the current version you’ve gotta use anyway.

And you know, since Manjo is a rolling distro, if you’re already on it, there’s no need to worry about anything. Just update your path into eternity. Ahaa, now I know why I got a big update last night. πŸ˜‰

Sexy stuff!


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